The Business

LUCHADOR GOURMET STREATERY is an exciting FOOD TRUCK CONCEPT committed to serving the very best in Mexican-Fusion Cuisine throughout Southwestern Ontario. Based out of the WATERLOO REGION, the LUCHADOR FOOD TRUCK serves up outstanding Mexican-inspired Food with a twist. Whether it’s MEXICAN-Korean, Filipino, Japanese, Caribbean, Hawaiian, Indian, Chinese OR Vietnamese, the LUCHADOR CHEFS will definitely capture your culinary imagination. Committed to combining authentic International Flavour profiles, the LUCHADOR MENU PROGRAM is a veritable World Tour of Gastronomy via Mexico. Whether it’s Curbside Service, Corporate Events, Community Festivals OR Private Catering Parties, LUCHADOR GOURMET STREATERY offers the very best in Food Quality, Customer Service, Menu Innovation & Entertainment Value.

The Truck

THE LUCHADOR FOOD TRUCK (aka THE BUBBA-LUCH) is definitely one of the most colourful & distinct FOOD TRUCKS on the road today. In tribute to its namesake, the Truck is draped in a collage of brightly-coloured Wrestling Masks & a truly giant-sized LUCHADOR FACE stoically overseeing its hungry customers. The BUBBA-LUCH is indeed an eye-catching Mobile Behemoth standing taller than most standard-sized Food Trucks. Loaded with Outdoor Speakers & all the Kitchen equipment found in commercial restaurants, the BUBBA-LUCH is a full-service Events & Entertainment Vehicle providing its signature-brand of “Mexi-Fusion” Cuisine anywhere in Southwestern Ontario. Whether it’s loud MARIACHI MUSIC or upbeat MEXICAN POP, the rumbling BUBBA-LUCH will appeal to all 5 of your senses. However, as colourful as this Food Truck is . . . you should meet the charismatic crew who actually serves up their fantastic Menu !!!

Luchador Princess

Luchador Princess
EMMA PUTT is the principal owner & operator of LUCHADOR GOURMET STREATERY & CATERING COMPANY. Along with Concept Co-Creator REUBEN SALONGA, EMMA envisioned an ultra-exciting Food Truck that would do more than “enter” the hottest segment of the Food-services Industry – her idea had to be a bonafide Game-changer. With the City of Waterloo launching its PILOT FOOD TRUCK PROGRAM in Summer 2012, EMMA (aka THE LUCHADOR PRINCESS) wanted something of special grandeur worthy of the same community intrigue, notoriety & sensationalism attributed to early Food Truckers who pioneered other Markets. It wasn’t enough to simply be IN THE RIGHT INDUSTRY with an exciting FOOD MENU . . . she developed a unique MEXICAN-INSPIRED THEME that would transcend mere Roadside Cooking. Her FOOD TRUCK would deliver creative GOURMET STREATERY served up with equally-charismatic curbside customer service & concept execution. Leading her rogue band of MASKED CHEFS, EMMA embodies the prevailing LUCHADOR THEME with her Over-the-Top-Rope Personality. Wearing her own LUCHADOR MASK, EMMA is able to deliver this family-friendly, highly-interactive form of Customer Service like no other Food Trucker can. As equally loud & colourful as the BUBBA-LUCH itself, the LUCHADOR PRINCESS is literally a foodservice caricature of the iconic ENERGIZER BUNNY. EMMA drives her Food Truck, drives her Kitchen Staff harder & drives the entire LUCHADOR CONCEPT to its fullest. EMMA is more than just a pioneering Foodservices Professional . . . she’s a World Championship-Level FOOD TRUCKING DIVA. Join the LUCHADOR NATION on Twitter & visit EMMA & her Tag-Team Chefs today !!!

El Carnivoro

(Wielding the Mighty WOK of THOR)

El Diablo Loco
REUBEN SALONGA is the savvy Pit Boss of the notorious LUCHADOR MEXI-FUSION FOOD TRUCK. Co-creating the original concept with principal owner EMMA PUTT, this Industry Maven enjoys over 25 years of foodservices experience. As his masked alter ego EL CARNIVORO (THE CARNIVORE), REUBEN is virtually the indomitable Kitchen “KATO” to this GREEN HORNET Operation. Renowned for his creative wizardry, he is the principal architect to the entire LUCHADOR Mexican-Fusion Menu Program. This aspiring gastronomer loves to experiment with unique flavour profiles, kitchen methodologies & is a bonafide maverick in every sense. Committed to a philosophy focusing on FAMILY, FOOD & FUN, REUBEN would only describe himself as a FATHER, a HUSBAND & FRIEND to beautiful people far better than he . . . just ask anyone who’s ever spoken to him. REUBEN is proud of his rogue band of LUCHADOR Cooks who support his unique menu program. He aptly describes his dishes as a “world tour of authentic flavour profiles” via MEXICO of course. He particularly loves to combine unique international food items & cooking styles that immediately captures the imagination. Always challenging culinary mediocrity & the very threshold of established Food Paradigms, REUBEN is a worthy Food Trucking Pioneer. He wants to share his vision of ARTISANAL FOOD stripped of any pomp & ceremony commonly found in finer dining restaurants. He believes that food can be creative, beautiful & inspiring without epicurean arrogance OR elite menu pricing. THE LUCHADOR FOOD TRUCK is indeed the perfect “vehicle” for this fundamental purpose. REUBEN simply wants to present GLOBAL FOOD IDEAS without borders or industry rules to the common people at “curbside prices”. An active Industry Statesman, Business Entrepreneur & Community Leader, REUBEN is indeed the true heart of the LUCHADOR MENU Program. If you crave a genuine Food Truck experience truly worthy of prevailing media sensationalism, then you gotta visit EL CARNIVORO today !!!